Web Design

When deciding on a web design company, there are many aspects one needs to take into account. As a successful London digital agency, we thought we would share with you some of the less obvious issues you need to consider before choosing the best digital agency.

Often people will just look at the web portfolio, see the impressive aesthetics and feel that is enough.

That is a start, however, there are other areas that you need to look at.

One of the things one needs to look at is the success the web site has.

There are plenty of software that will give you an indication of what number of visitors a particular URL is receiving.

You can compare the statistics against competitor web sites.

It is indicated also to look at the “finishing touches” and that’s easily achieved by doing a simple “view source” by right clicking on the window the website is loaded – Things to look at are the web design headings – H1, titles and ALT tags. If these are incomplete or not relevant, that is not a good sign!

With some of the larger Web Design companies you might not have a designated project manager, you should always check this before committing as this plays a crucial part in the design process. Without a designated project manager, be prepared for more work on your behalf and a frustrating communication experience.

You should always find out what the companies web design process is.  No matter how small your project is, the design agency should outline how they intend to build your web site. Any decent online agency has a set procedure for building web sites, milestones that need to be achieved before moving onto the next phase of web development.

Most design agencies should supply references, have a testimonial page or display their portfolio – You can always use these as a guide to the quality level they have.

After the web design is completed, what other services should you expect to be provided?

London Designs don’t just stop once  your web design is done, we keep in touch and inform you whenever there is an important security update required or any important change required to ensure your web site functionality.

For more information or an informal chat about your web design requirements, visit our site https://www.london-designs.com/, call our London office on 07516175402 or email us on [email protected] for an informal chat.